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Baby Bedding Set

100% cotton, with resistant fire filling

Consists of :

· Quilt 90 x 110 cm with 180g filling

· Bumper 28 x 195 cm with 300 g filling

· Fitted sheet 567x127x12 cm

· Bed Edge 67x127x34 cm

· Diaper Bag 21x35 cm

· Wash Bag 21x35 cm

· Curtain (2 pcs) 38x98 cm

· Pillow 28x40 cm

Pinkish Flower Set

SKU/Item no: BBS2010

Ocean Blue Set

SKU/Item no: BBS2011

Yellow Lamb Set

SKU/Item no.: BBS2012

Purple Flower Set

SKU/Item no.: BBS2013

Snoopy Lover

SKU/Item no.: BBS2015

Minty Green Set

SKU/Item no.: BBS2014

Bedding Set

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