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About Little Annie


Little Annie Kidzline was born in the Winter of 2008 in Edmonton, Alberta. We are a retailer of fashion forward children and infants clothing, footwear and accessories. Items are stylish and of high quality at a reasonable price. We take pride to provide new moms and dads a gift for their child.† As well as exciting grannies, grandpas, aunts and uncles.

We also carry formal dresses and tuxedos for special occasions. Stylish and cute to make your child looking gorgeous on their special day. Whether itís an anniversary, wedding, graduation or birthday celebrations. We are here to serve you !


Our products include:

 Baby clothing and accessories by Little Annie KidzlineTM

 Baby socks and Baby Swaddle by Little Annie KidzlineTM

 Organic Just For Kids body care by Chartreuse†††††††††††††††

 Organic body care by Matter Company

 Organic Kidz Stainless Steel baby bottle

 Urban class footwear by Little Soles

 Christening and Communion wear and accessories

 Formal Little Suits and Dresses for wedding, graduation, prom and birthdays

 Brand names Disney, Marvels, Bags, Rare Editions, Amy Bayer, BCX girl, Premarox, Bonnie Baby, Bonnie Jeans, Bluberries, Modit Shoes,† Euro Baby, TotCare, Hello Kitty, Dora the Explorer, Disney Princess,† B-Wear, and a lot more..

 Casual trendy wear

 Baby Bedding set by Little Annie KidzlineTM

 Baby gifts set for baby showers

 Diaper cakes and diaper bags

 And a lot more Ö See us in store for more selections.


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